RECERD communicating and training awareness for communities on protect endangered fish species.

From 21th to 23th August 2013, in activity of Project “ Using and systematizing fishers’ local ecological knowledge to monitor and manage fisheries, with emphasis on three globally threatened fish species (the Giant Catfish [Pangasianodon gigas], Sanitwongsei’s catfish [Pangasius sanitwongsei] and Jullien's Golden Carp [Probarbus jullieni]), in the Lower Mekong River system of Long An Province, Vietnam” were financed by Birdlife International, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). Research center for Resource and Rural development (RECERD) coordinate with Lang Sen wetland Reserve implement some activities communicating and awareness training for communities on protect endangered fish species.
Activities implementing include: 1) Distributed posters about protecting endangered fish species, 2) Hung Banners on the protection of fishery resources in the community, 3) Organise training course " Development plans to protect endangered fish species based on the community" for the surrounding community, 4) Organise training course "Fish disease treatment" for reserve officers.
- Over 1000 posters were distributed at the residential and community around Lang Sen by RECERD staff and Reserve officers.
- 45 banners for the content of aquatic resource protection, environmental protection,  prohibits the exploitation of endangered fish species are hung in public places, schools, markets and institutions ...
- 30 members (30% female) of the 02 volunteers group of protecting endangered fish species, Vinh Loi commune, Tan Hung District, Long An was distributed and guide writing "tracking log, monitor of  endangered fish species " and training on "Development plans to protect endangered fish species based on the community". Through the training course, volunteers group identified protection goals, the contents, plans for the future and especially the volunteers group has identified key tasks is to protect spawning grounds and ban on the fishing season of years.
- 30 officers of Lang Sen wetland Reserve are trained on "Fish disease treatment". Through the training the trainees are equipped with the knowledge of the causes for the fish, common fish diseases, how to identify the disease and how to treat fish diseases.
These activities of the Project and Lang Sen wetland Reserve was received high support from community. The volunteer group committed to join hands in protecting aquatic resources, protect endangered fish species and continue the propaganda disseminated in the community.
Xuân Lập – RECERD