Center for Research Resources and Rural Development (RECERD) is a non-state organizations, under the Union of Science and Technology Vietnam (VUSTA), headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam.
The Centre has 24 people, including advisory boards, board of directors, and employees which include 03 associate professors, 07 PhD, 06 masters, 07 bachelors and engineers, 01 intermediate level and social workers. In addition the Center has a network of collaborators, numerous volunteers are concentrated in the Mekong Delta and central coast of Vietnam.
- Scientific research, implementation of the projects and programs on conservation, rational use of resources, biodiversity, agriculture and sustainable rural development.
- Scientific and technological services: consulting, sci-technology transfer, conference, seminars and capacity building for management and utilization of natural resource, biodiversity conservation and sustainable rural development.
- Cooperation with other organizations and individuals inside and outside the Vietnam to perform the tasks of the Centre.
The mission of RECERD is “for the green future” which focus on
1) Contribution to nature conservation and rational use of natural resources for both today and tomorrow
2) Enhance the welfare of children and teenagers-the green generations of Vietnam
3) Put efforts to work for justice between generations, for equality between social groups in Vietnam.
STRENGTHS (the services that we offer)
The current strengths of RECERD are given to research, consulting, training and implementation of projects related to sustainable fisheries and conservation of natural resources including:
Training, consulting for application of the certification system in agriculture, forestry and fisheries such as ASC, VietGAP, GlobalGAP, ACC / BAP, MSC, FSC, FOS, etc. Naturland.
-Develop and transfer models of community participation in management of marine resources (coral reefs, mangroves, fish spawning grounds ...)
-Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA / SEA), participatory social impact assessment, analysis and value chain development of agricultural and fishery products
-Develop alternative livelihoods, including coastal community ecotourism, restore and develop traditional craft villages