Chuong, Tran Quoc
Name: Chuong, Tran Quoc
Experience: 11 years working in socio-economic of aquaculture and fisheries; community based aquaculture co-management, collective economics in fisheries.
Degree: BSc in Agriculture Economics
Brieft introduction: Mr Chuong has highly experience in working with small-scale shrimp farmers; socio-economic baseline survey; training for cooperaive of aquaculture and community based co-management in aquaculture in the Mekong delta, Vietnam.


Hồ Công Hường
Name: Huong, Cong Ho
Experience: 8 years experience in research and development of fisheries and aquaculture planning
Degrees: MSc in Aquaculture
Brief introduction:  
- Development Strategy Fisheries Sector of Vietnam; Master plan of fisheries development Sector; plan for Social, Economics and Environmental of fisheries development sector; Fisheries Sustainable Development; Skills related to analysis and planning, organization for project development;
- Wetland Management for Sustainable Fisheries Development; design modeling for Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries development; Experienced in the financial analysis of Aquaculture and Risk; Contributions about the indicators for Vietnam Sustainable Fisheries Development.
Luan, Pham Minh
Experience: Mr Luan is a Consutant the Quality Management System ( ISO 9000, ISO 22000, VietGAP, HACCP,..), the tools of production improvement and cleaner production (5S, KAIZEN,...). He is also an expert in p-SIA of ASC standard.
Degrees: Master of Quality Management, University Francois Rabelais de Tours – France.
Brief introduction:  with more than 6 years experiences working in the fisheries sector, he has extensive experience building quality management system. He has also managed somes NGO’s project on community development and construction the pilot model for the fishery ( European Community (EC), Oxfam Novib, AECID). He is Consultant for Research Centre for Resources and Rural development (RECERD).
Nhan, Le The
Name: Nhan, Le The
Experience: 9 years working in areas of CSOs development, policy advocacy, and human right.
Degree: Law (Law University, Hanoi)
Brieft introduction: Mr Nhan has more than 16 years on social works, community development, CSOs, policy advocacy, and human right. Mr Nhan has been worked for social work youth team in Hue city, TCT Law Office, Centre for Social Sciences and Humanity (Hue University). Currently Mr Nhan  work as a chairmand for CODES-a VNGO. Mr Nhan is a member of VLA, UNGC, coordinator of CRnet, observer of VCEFA, member of UNGC…
Thang, Nguyen Van
Name: Thang, Nguyen Van
Experience: 8 years experience in fields of economics and public- social research.
Degrees: MBA, BA in English and BA in Law
Brief introduction: Mr Thang has been working for government, NGO and private sector. He has a strong experience in fields of economics, public and social research. He has worked as consultant for projects funded by World Bank, Danida, World Vision Vietnam, UNDP…
Trang, Truong Quynh Thi
Name: Trang, Truong Thi Quynh
- Natural resources management, pollution control, EIA/SEA, climate change and environmental communication
-Project/programme formulation, appraisal and management, Policy dialogue, Training need assessment

-Master in Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture (MNRSA) (2001-2003) Agricultural University of Norway (NLH) , As, Norway
-BA of Water Resources Economics (1989 -1994), the Water Resources University (HWRU), Hanoi, Vietnam

Brief introduction:

Trang is highly committed to sustainable development in Vietnam with specific concerns to climate change, natural resources management, and environmental management by applying various development approaches

Trang is highly committed to sustainable development in Vietnam with specific concerns to climate change, natural resources management, and environmental management by applying various development approaches
She has been working for more than 15 years in national and international organizations (from Government, INGOs to donor organizations) in the field of development and environment such as JICA Vietnam Office, the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi, GTZ-Mekong River Commission project, WB funded project, Caritas Switzerland in Hanoi. She is good at strategic thinking and has thorough understanding of environmental issues as well as knowledge of development issues in Vietnam. She is involved in project/programme design, implementation and monitoring as well as played as a key commenter for appraisal of project proposals. She participated in training need assessments and identified training courses for different target groups. Trang also has proven her experience and skills in project/programme management. Besides, she is interested in network building and information exchange.
Current programme in charge: Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC), Support Programme to Respond to Climate Change (SPRCC), JICA-Private Sector Investment Fund (JICA PSIF)


Yasuhisa Kato born in 1945. Graduated at Hokkaido University in 1968
Obtained Doctor degree on ecology and marine science at Hokkaido University in 1977.Established a International Fisheries  Consulting Company (OAFIC Co. Ltd.) in 1977. Involved in various fisheries development projects in Asia(Bangladesh,China,Malaysia,Myanmar,Nepal,Philippines, Sri Lanka,Thailand,etc.) Africa(Cameroon,Comoros,Madagascar,Nigeria, Senegal Seychelles,etc.)South Pacific (Solomon Islands,etc.) and Caribbean Countries (Grenada etc.).Joined FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization, UN)as a Director of Operation Services, Fisheries Department in 1989. Engaged in overall management of FAO fisheries projects(about 200 project in annual bases mobilizing few hundreds field staff and consultants.) Moved to a Director of Fisheries Policy and Planning Division in 1994. Engaged in global programs including the promotion of Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries(CCRF), particularly in developing countries and the management of FAO regional fisheries organizations including APFIC.Left FAO and Joined SEAFDEC(Southeast Fisheries Development Center)in 1997. Engaged in encouragement of ASEAN fisheries staff to involve in international issues including organization of Millennium Conference in Bangkok in 2001, promotion of "Regionalization"against the international fisheries scenario including the preparation of the regional guidelines of CCRF highlighting regional fisheries specificity.Left SEAFDEC and joined Kagoshima University as a professor for the Center for International Planning in 2009. Since then until now. Engaged in the activities to promote international issues through classes and various projects.

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